A Culture of Low Back Pain

Is there a magic age in the human body where everything decides to stop working?

For me it was 32. I trained my whole life, lifting weights, playing sports, competing in CrossFit, and coaching athletes from the WWE, NFL, and MLB.

I competed in the CrossFit regional four times, coached over 70 other athletes to the CrossFit regional and Games, and was training partners with John Cena for 3.5 years.

Then one day, at the ripe age of 32, it happened. I was broken. Every joint hurt, training halted, and I was staring down a life in constant need of chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors.

I turned up my nose to the establishment, sought out my own answers, and healed my body from within. Movement is medicine and it is the cheapest, most effective answer on the market.

The system to healing starts with a commitment to longevity. Understanding that the beauty in life is creating experience with loved ones, free of pain and physical impairment.

You can eliminate pain, do the things you love, and save the time, energy, and money that you dread spending at the doctor’s office.


Do you know how much your low back pain costs you every year?


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When you add up all the time, energy, and money you spend chasing specialists, doctors, and trainers; what is the true cost of dealing with low back pain?

$100 Billion.

This is the number The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association estimates Americans spend yearly on the treatment and effects of low back pain.

It is a number so large that you can brush it off and stop paying attention.

As an individual, who cares how much the nation is spending when all you want is to get healthy and be done with the pain.

How about $34,000?

Now, that number that hits a little closer to home and is probably a large chuck of your yearly income.

Sadly, this is only a third of the actual cost you incur every year searching for answers to solving low back pain.


Time: The Most Precious Resource


You rarely think about the amount of time your low back pain steals from you on a weekly basis.

Stepping into a chiropractor’s office is going to cost you three hours a week including travel, manipulation, and time off work. You should not have to spend your vacation time and PTO treating low back pain.

You are also looking at a minimum of three months of treatment.

Your Physical Therapist will run you two hours a week for three months including travel and treatment.

The wait for a doctor’s appointment is going to take at least a month to schedule and the recommendation will be pain pills, shots, an MRI that will take two months to schedule, and a recommendation to see a specialist.

On top of everything else, you still have to go to the gym to stay in shape, strengthen your core, and that is a minimum of three hours a week.

It turns out, that nagging back pain is costing you nine hours a week for the next three months, if you are lucky.

Sadly, you are still in pain and have no clue why.


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Energy: The Emotional Cost


butt winkIt is 2017 and stress is just a part of life.

Cell phones, emails, long work days, and you have not even gotten home for the night to barely fit in the gym and cooking a healthy meal for the family. This is the way you operate and there is no off switch.

Adding chronic low back pain into this hyper stressful situation makes things even worse. Every time you sit down, stand up, or move there is a constant reminder that things are not right. Even the trip to the specialist and doctor comes with asking for time off, additional travel, traffic, and scheduling conflicts that spin a vicious web of more and more stress.

The energy cost of this stress is not felt in your bank account. It is stored in the muscle tissue, making everything tight, creating more pain, and it all adds up to a feeling of helplessness.


Money: $34,000/ Year


Yes, $34,000 per year is the amount of money you will spend fighting the effects of chronic low back pain.

You may have the best insurance in the world but you are still going to spend $75/ appointment on physical therapy, chiropractic, ART, acupuncture, and massage.

back pain exercises

This is only half of the puzzle. A personal trainer with any accreditation will cost up to $100 per hour and their experience helping people with low back pain is questionable at best.

The only option that is not going to cost you out of pocket expenses is your primary care provider and their solution will not be pretty. The healthcare system is handcuffed and because of insurance company’s policies, shots, pain pills, and surgeries are going to be your options.

Communication adds even more complexity to the problem. Your doctor and chiro do not share the same information. Your personal trainer is not calling your doctor to see x-rays and discuss diagnosis. You are left on your own to translate medical jargon to everyone that is supposed to have an answer, yet you cannot seem to just get healthy.


Online Rehabilitation: Simple, Comprehensive Solutions



Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT and Anders Varner CFSC, started their journey in search of a better way to treat their patients. Anders, a gym owner and fitness coach, found the majority of his clients suffering from the same problem: low back pain. Dr. Larson, a Physical Therapist and owner of Movement-Rx in San Diego, CA, had maxed out her schedule with patients suffering from the same issue: low back pain.

Luckily, these two worked in the same location sharing clientele. The two worked in unison, with open lines of communication, and spent countless hours discussing best practices.



As demand grew and schedules tightened, a vision for the future of rehabilitation was born. A vision that solved problems, empowered clients, and challenged the current state of treating low back pain. What emerged is a comprehensive rehabilitation program combining 20 years and over 80,000 athletes, practitioners, and patients.

The Low Back Fix is an online platform combining physical therapy and movement training to solve low back pain at the core of the problem, movement. A system that educates you on why you have low back pain, how to fix it, and give a specific, personalized movement prescription to ensure you live pain free forever.


The Pillars of Rehabilitation


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Assessment: You are an individual and that is the way we will treat you. To begin the program, you will take a series of tests to uncover “why” you have low back pain. Your results on these tests will guide your personalized journey to living pain free.

Down Regulation: You have the power to control stress and it starts with the breath. Every day, your movement prescription begins with a breathing practice. This helps you slow down, relieve tension, and create space between you and the stress of life. Through this practice, you will become present and allow your focus to channel inwards towards your own health, rehabilitation, and movement.

Movement Retraining: You were not born with low back pain. Instead, over time, you started sitting too much and moving improperly. The first time you did this there was no issue. Over time, however, these actions started taking a toll on your body. To save you from future damage, your brain sends pain to your low back to stop the poor movement. The Low Back Fix re-engineers the way your body moves to create default movement patterns that take you from pain to performance.



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The Low Back Fix Difference


Having the perfect system is not enough if it is impossible to implement into your daily life. To change the face of rehabilitation, The Low Back Fix has to solve major problems: time, energy, and money. So how did we solve that?

Time: The daily time commitment is less than one hour, four days per week. Inside that hour, you will get a stretching, movement, and down regulation plan customized to the results of your assessment. There is no need for getting to the specialist, taking time off work, and going to the gym all in one day. Everything you need is completed in under four hours a week.


Energy: Combining over 20 years, 80,000 practical hours, and countless success stories, the program works. We know it works. You will instantly see why The Low Back Fix system is changing the face of rehabilitation. In eight weeks, 87% of The Low Back Fix patients report being pain free. 100% report their reduction in pain as, “Significant.” Understanding the plan frees up time and allows you to rest easy knowing that you are making a difference.


Money: $34,000 is an insane amount of money to expect someone to live without pain. You do not need to spend your hard earned money going to doctors or finding cheap cash pay specialists. Lifetime access to The Low Back Fix starts at $179. And we are so confident in your healing that we are offerring it to you, today, with a 30 day money back guarantee.


The true cost of low back pain is measured in life experiences and enjoyment. Spending your life chasing doctors and shelling out money for treatment is ridiculous. Start enjoying your life creating experiences that add value to you and your loved ones. You know there is a better way. The process to living pain free starts now.



This is an update to the July 2017 version with more images and content.