Neural Tension: Lower Back Exercises for Pain Relief with Meditation

Neural Tension: Lower Back Exercises for Pain Relief with Meditation

Breathing Away Back Pain


The most basic level of functional movement is stillness. In stillness, you find your breath. Through the breath you down regulate the nervous system, create space, and give your body an opportunity to relieve stress. Lower back exercises for pain relief using meditation is the simplest way to eliminate pain before you begin stretching and strengthening.

I recently wrote an article, The Physical Freedom Pyramid, in which I broke down the layers of training you need to eliminate lower back pain. At the top of the pyramid is physical freedom, the pinnacle. Your ability to move, play, and perform without pain or injury. Below that is strength and conditioning, followed by joint and tissue health, and finally training the nervous system.

I want to take a deeper dive into the nervous system, discuss neural tension, and explain how the ultimate lower back pain exercise is stillness.

Lower Back Exercises Pain Relief Meditation

Neural Tension and Pain


The body is laced with nerves that transmit signals to the body. These nerves weave in and out of joints, over muscles, and are in constant communication with the brain. On one end you have the brain and spinal cord sending messages to the body. On the other end are nerve receptors sending messages back to the brain. The structures transmitting this information are called neurons.

Throughout a normal day, your body is under constant stress. Stress is a broad term that explains any stimulus that the body uses energy to combat. There is mental, emotional, and physical stress we all deal with daily. As that stress compounds, it is stored in the muscle and connective tissues causing inflammation.

That inflammation wreaks havoc on the nerves that run through your body. With increased inflammation, nerves become vulnerable to compression or elongation. The brain senses this compression as a threat, sends out a pain signal, and the result is chronic lower back pain.

Lower Back Exercises for Pain Relief with Meditation


You cannot stretch adverse neural tension. It is deeper than the joints and tissues. The key to eliminating this tension is eliminating stress and inflammation. There is only one way to get there and it is through the breath.

My journey from pain to performance led me to the breath. I did not choose it. There are countless techniques but my favorite is coherent breathing.

Coherent Breathing


  • To start, sit or lie down on your back.
  • Through your nose, draw a deep breath into your diaphragm, expanding your belly.
  • Slow your breath down to a full, six-second inhale.
  • As you exhale, purse your lips together and slow the exhale to six-seconds.

This simple 12-second breathing pattern, done six times slows your nervous system, signals safety to the brain, and relieves neural tension in the body.

My morning routine, created as a means to eliminate pain, reduce stress, and incorporate quality movement into my day, begins with this breathing technique. I enter my day calmer and it reduces the inflammation I store in my body. Less inflammation, less pain.

I truly believe this morning routine helps me live a healthier, pain free life. I want you to have it, for free, so you can experience the exact same benefits. Join me, gain access through the picture below, and start your day with a win.


Lower Back Exercises Pain Relief Meditation



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